GEPOET principles:

The General Pan-Hellenic Federation of Tourism Enterprises (GEPOET):

Unites the sector and warmly accepts all relevant associations from all geographical areas of Greece
Represents conscientiously and knowledgably the interests of the sector and highlights its role.
Encourages good business practices and social responsibility in the sector, as well as respect towards both domestic and foreign consumers.
Cooperates with all powers and authorities in order to establish and maintain a united position regarding the development of Greek tourism.
Supports the principles of sustainable tourism development, culturally, socially and financially.
Supports the regional development of the country.
Adopts and promotes the need for the provision of quality services as the most efficient means for the improvement of competitiveness in Greek tourism.
Actively participates with state institutions and maintains an objective position regarding tourism issues.
Promotes, as its main priority, the interests of Greek tourism and not solely corporate interests.